An Interview with Jirav CEO Martin Zych

An Interview with Jirav CEO Martin Zych

The following is a transcript of my July 21st interview with Martin Zych, Jirav’s CEO.

Context & Background
Jirav is a cloud based financial planning and analytics platform primarily serving SaaS business of all sizes. I first came across Jirav late last year and have watched as they developed and delivered on this ambitious platform that I believe is filling a growing void in the CPM landscape.


1) What gap(s) in the market are you hoping to fill with Jirav?
There’s a huge gap in the market for tech-driven financial analytics in the small to mid-market. $5.8B a year is spent on CPM (Corporate Performance Management tools), however, the ones that are affordable for smaller companies lack the sophistication needed to really reflect each individual business and the ones who can cost a six figure commitment and months of consulting to get started. This leaves the midmarket and below stuck to resorting to tearing their hair out with manual man-hours and excel to get by. Jirav fits in between this, with the best practices and frameworks of the big guys, automated in a manner that will work for the broader market of companies that don’t need Fortune 500 level consulting engagements.

2) You’re currently in Beta, have there been any “aha” moments based on user feedback?
We’ve been co-developing the whole time during the beta with our initial clients; several of the nations top CFOs and CFO firms. During this time we realized most small and mid-market firms have the same pains, troubles, and issues around financial analytics and forecasting. Our first Aha moment was when we launched our 2nd client and their monthly analytics & reporting workflow fit materially in line with our first. Then the same thing happened for the 3rd, the 4th and so on. Pretty soon we realized we’re onto to a really great framework that shares decades worth of financial best practices along with providing the flexibility and customizability to still look like YOUR business.

3) What industry trends lead to the creation of Jirav?
Over the past decade most business applications have moved to SaaS and cloud based systems starting with Salesforce, and later to Accounting such as Quickbooks/Xero/Netsuite, and now we’re seeing the same in HR and Billing. This has commoditized access to the data and allowed us to design a system to make sense of it all both historically and forward looking in one place, fast.

4) What group(s) have you found that are using Jirav in a big way and why?
We’ve gotten traction across many Seed to large venture backed firms. Our core focus is to support the small and mid-market (under 500 employees) and we’re seeing our customer base growing extremely quickly there.

5) How easy is it to integrate Jirav into modern SaaS driven companies?
Our first customers were all SaaS, with the toughest revenue modeling and rev rec requirements of most verticals. Because of this we can launch most SaaS companies and nail it quite quickly – especially anyone on or similar CRM, and soon we’ll be rolling out our billing system integration as well (Stripe/Braintree/Recurly)

6) Where do you think SaaS organizations have opportunities for improvement?
I’ve been surprised by how many companies at all stages still haven’t wrapped their heads around consistent analytics around Bookings tracking CMRR (Contracted Monthly Recurring Revenue)/NRR (Non-Recurring Revenue), Churn, and scalability metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost.

7) When is your launch date?
We’re finishing up our Private Beta right now and expect the broader public launch to come in the upcoming few weeks.


For anyone interested in attending the upcoming webinar we are hosting in which Martin will be providing an early look at this consequential new FP&A platform you can register HERE

Learn More about Jirav HERE


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